I've written pieces for publication in different formats for very different audiences:

  • Online and print articles for industry publications, mainly B2B audience
  • Travel blogs for city trippers and holidaymakers
  • Work-life topics for general audience
  • Interviews and reviews for entertainment magazines and websites

Damen Shipyards Group

As a freelance writer I write articles to appear online and in print for Damen publications.

Leading the charge towards a greener future | Damen Magazine

Emissions-reducing solutions for shipping include engines powered by liquefied natural gas or by hydrogen cells, but these are expensive to implement and at present offer little scope for upgrade once installed. The introduction of a ‘battery box’ would require little imposition on the structure and operation of a ship’s propulsion and the removable batteries could be replaced following the development of newer, more efficient methods of energy storage.

Damen scales up | Damen Magazine

The large RoPax industry segment saw a peak in demand around thirty – forty years ago – roughly the lifespan of this type of vessel. This means that soon many of these ships will be coming to the end of their service and will be earmarked for replacement. Damen intends to use its experience in shipbuilding, coupled with new facilities to offer the marketplace a superior solution as part of its new Cruise, RoPax and Offshore (CRO) division. “With this, we are able to fully service this sector,”

Upskill online in your downtime offshore | Damen Magazine

The beauty of modular online learning is that you don’t need to be in a certain place at a certain time to get on with your studies. This flexibility is something Damen Shipyards Group has wanted to take full advantage of for a long time. Access to information, advice and training regardless of location allows clients to benefit from Damen service provision round the clock and around the globe – and can be immensely rewarding. When you purchase a Damen vessel, you don’t just get a boat.

Qualify: Plotting a course for lightweight topside structures | Damen Magazine

Efficiency and sustainability are big issues facing most industries today, and none more so than marine operations. Damen Shipyards Group’s partnerships with Skoon and EMAR to promote sustainable propulsion are examples of its investment into preparations for a changing future. In a related venture, together with ten other stakeholders, Damen forms the Qualify project partnership to investigate the use of composite materials in the construction of primary maritime structures.

Future of Work blog posts for RingCentral blog

Ringside: Insider Interview with Daniel Yin

In this series of posts, we’re talking to our own leaders to get insights into the challenges and solutions of the telecommunications industry. Today we turn to Daniel Yin, Head of Product and Innovation RingCentral EMEA. Daniel has spent over ten years in the cloud software and communications industry, holding positions in engineering, operations and product management, helping companies succeed by developing innovative communication solutions.

Ringside: Insider Interview with Shaun Spivak

The reason we’re able to provide insightful thought leadership content is the fantastic staff resources we have under our roof. The leaders of our business who develop strategy, share industry insights and solve problems on a daily basis are the driving force of RingCentral’s success, and are major contributors to the expansion of unified communications in general. In this series of posts, we’re talking to our own leaders to get insights into the challenges and solutions of the telecommunication industry.

Give a Little Kudos at Thanksgiving

As our US counterparts celebrate Thanksgiving today, I’m reminded that giving thanks – or expressing gratitude – is good for you and also good for your colleagues. It’s free, it only takes a moment and it’s always in supply. We should do it more – and we can. Lack of opportunity is no excuse. There are many ways to say ‘thank you’ or give someone praise: face to face, group or direct messaging, or with a greetings card. It doesn’t have to be impressive; what matters is that it’s genuine.

The Advent of Better Customer Experience

Christmas is a time of giving, sharing, peace on Earth and goodwill towards humanity. For many in western society, it’s also a period of purchasing, of pressures on infrastructure, and of reduced services and premium rates. It’s a time to relax and be thankful for what we have and who we have to share it with, but on the other hand, Christmas can be a stressful time with businesses trying to end the year as close to KPIs as possible.

RingCentral at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

In just a few days we’ll be heading to Barcelona to take part in one of the world’s biggest IT conferences. Will you be one of the 7,000+ attendees? Will you be the one who wins an Oculus Rift? Read on to find out. From 3-7 November this year, the Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB) hosts the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo. Gartner is planning big things for the conference, laying on 450 sessions for their expected audience of thousands.

Working life: indulging on Medium

I participate in discussions on Medium about work, life, and finding a balance.

Leaving home…and arriving in the office

It’s not the cubicle walls I miss, nor the shared catering facilities or the controversial central heating and aircon systems — it’s the smaller points of contact. The sharing of frustration when the morning traffic is bad, or the communal celebration when an ice cream van stops right outside the office. The impromptu discussions that provide surprising insights into what colleagues are working on or finding challenging.

Travel blogs

I used to write blogposts about travel for the Easytobook blog. Easytobook was like, but smaller and more orange.

Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce magazine 'In Business'

Some articles I wrote for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce magazine In Business to promote undergraduate work placement projects and Foundation Degrees to local businesses. My colleague and I won the regional 'Shell STEP Agent of the Year' award for our delivery of the Shell STEP placement programme in Derbyshire.