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I work with designers and developers to create mixed media content that engages audiences and drives action. I've written for a variety of audiences to achieve brand awareness, promote partnerships, delivery transparency and drive interactions.

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Working from home: The all-round benefits

Remote working is now a mandatory part of any business continuity plan. Around the world, the way we work has changed, in some ways probably forever. But the transition isn’t without precedent. In the UK, the number of remote workers increased by 25% in the decade from 2008 to 2018. That rate was mirrored in mainland Europe. Remote work is no longer a concept reserved for the lucky few. The rise of cloud technology and software as a service means that any company can expand into the realm of building a remote workforce, with very little initial investment.

Interactive PDF - The Advent of Better Customer Experience

Transform how you manage customer engagements In today’s competitive business environment, it’s more critical than ever to stay in tune with the service needs of your customers. RingCentral Contact Centre helps your organisation do just that, allowing you to: • Connect with customers on any channel. • Boost agent performance with integrated team messaging. • Solve complex customer issues quickly with one-click access to experts. • Monitor service levels in real time with intelligent bots.

How UK businesses are adapting to the evolution of communciations

Cavell Group launched its Enterprise Insight Report in Q4 2019, surveying 1,800 businesses across Europe and the US, with 300 businesses from the UK taking part. All the respondents were the decision-makers on their telecoms solution or those who managed the solution with CIOs and CEOs from a range of different company sizes and industries to give an in-depth picture of what is happening in the UK telecoms market.

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Spil Games corporate website

Spil Games has several corporate audiences, including game developers, game publishers, potential investors and current investors.

RIPE NCC: corporate governance pages

As a not-for-profit membership organisation, the RIPE NCC maintains its accountability through transparent communication practices. These include reporting on its activities and expenditure, and creating processes to empower the membership in its governance.


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