Making Words Work for You

I'm a London-based copywriter and communications specialist. I'm pretty good at writing and editing, managing multistakeholder projects, collaborating on visual and digital communications, developing and using a brand's tone of voice, and speaking in public.

I'm also a dedicated team player and a great listener. I love working with designers and developers to create multimedia communications campaigns.

I'd love to work with you.

Get in Touch

Got a project you'd like some input on? Let's work together. Please get in touch using the form below. Alternatively, you can connect with me via the social links under my photo.

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“Michael is a top-notch writer. With his considerable experience and creativity, he can craft web content with the aim of reaching and engaging the target audience ... Michael has excellent people skills. Through his efforts, we are now working more closely with design and development teams throughout the company.” - Rebecca Connelly, Freelance Content Strategist

“Besides being an excellent communicator, Michael is also a naturally active listener who asks relevant, thoughtful questions to gather details, challenge a point of view, or suggest an alternative.” - Marco Spinello, EclecticIQ

“He's the kind of person on whom you can rely to get things done and make them in time, he's competent, always willing to help and open to any kind of new challenges.” - Gigi Picazio, Shutterstock

“He's good in a team, and isn't afraid to take the lead … He easily makes friends all over the business.” - Kate M. Stam,